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5’s(Five Seconds)

The service provision of this application that has been distributed in Google Play has ended.

The party game application "5's(Five Seconds)" for Android

Play 5's when you are bored, on the train, your own time,
play with your friends, group hang or at party.
The rule is simple.
Touch screen and start the timer.
When you think 5 seconds gone, touch screen again and stop the timer.
The person who stopped the timer at the nearest time at five seconds is winner.

Is your body clock accurate?

Game modes of 5's

5's has 2 modes. Select the game mode to fit situation.

  • シングルモード[Single mode] This is the training mode for one player.
    Play 5's when you are bored, on the train, your own time.
    If you can stop the timer exactly at 5 seconds, ...
  • シングルモード[Party mode] This is the mode for 4-8 players.
    The ranking is displayed when all players have finished.

Details of development

System requirements:
Compatible with Android smartphones with operating systems version 1.6x or higher.
Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean
  • 2010/08/25

    English, Chinese and Korean version were released. (ver.1.1.0)

  • 2010/08/08

    5's released into the andronavi.

  • 2010/07/29

    5's released into the Android Market. (ver.1.0.0)

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